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The LG Collection

A former colleague of mind called on me about a month ago.  Lee had a bunch of records that were sitting around and hadn’t been played in years.  He saw I was listening to records, so he offered to give me his collection.  I’m going to be honest with you.  I figured it would be a milk crate full of well-loved vinyl.  Anyone who collects records knows that albums take a beating over time.  So when I showed up to find a plastic storage container full of 114 records covering 30 years of American pop/rock music I was pretty stoked.  I pulled a few out and looked at them.  Perfect.  95% of these albums are clean as clean can be.  This was the point where I offered Lee money, offered to sell them for him, and offered to take his turntable and get it repaired.  After he refused all of my offers, I drove off with a gift I simply could not repay.  A month later I have a solution.  I’m going to listen to each one and write a bit about the experience.  The collection is split about 50/50 along the lines of what I have heard/haven’t heard.  It will be a fun way to honor Lee and his awesome gift!

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